Critical Legends Chest Locations

Where are the Critical Legends chest locations? Critical Legends is a Roblox game offered by Roblox Corporation. It is a Multiplayer Battle Royale Game and it is quite exciting.

The chests in the game have rich loot. Players therefore want to take advantage of it by searching extensively. Although professional players are now memorized, newbies may not know about it.

If you know about the Critical Legends chest locations, you can quickly increase your gaming experience.

Critical Legends Chest Locations: Spawn

Where are the Critical Legends chest locations? If you are looking for the answer to this, there are 5 options in total in the region. These are basically as follows;

  1. Pickaxe: The chest can be found right next to the stairs in Spawn.
  2. Beta Factory: Here, the chest is just to the left. If you look here, you can see the Legit Shop. If you go to the top of this building, you can reach the chest.
  3. Punch: There is a chest on the left, just above the start.
  4. Metal Plate: Located on Shacks Roof. You can go over the apple tree to get here.
  5. Beta Ticket: It is in the Legit Shop.

You can easily see the chests in Spawn from here.

Critical Legends Chest Locations: Thyrus Wood

Where are the Thyrus wood Critical Legends chests? There are 4 chests in total here and their locations are as follows;

  1. Venom Scroll: Located just south of a shop right next to the Arsenal.
  2. Hunting Dagger: Right next to the entrance to Thyrus Woods.
  3. Campfire Wood: Next to Campfire, just south of the woods.
  4. Icy Shield: Located near Thyrus Wood. It’s under the apple tree.

From here, you can easily reach the chests.

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Critical Legends Chest Locations
Critical Legends Chest Locations

Critical Legends Chest Locations: Primis Field

Where are the Primis Field Critical Legends chests? Here, too, there are 4 chests in total and can be seen from;

  1. Burning Leaf: When you reach Cave 1, enter the portal to hell. Then take the first left and cross the bridge. So you can reach the chest on the rocks between the lava.
  2. Rage Scroll: Can be seen in the apple tree inside the First Arena.
  3. Traveling Boots: Located just outside of Cave 1.
  4. Sharpener Rock: It can be seen when you go up the stairs inside the First cave.

If you examine all these, you can have information about Critical Legends chest locations. By taking them, you can make the game more efficient and enjoyable.

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