How To Get Player Titles İn Overwatch 2

How To Get Player Titles İn Overwatch 2 – Overwatch 2 is seen by players as a cosmetic of the original game. Because it adds new cosmetics such as weapon charms, souvenirs.

Player titles is one of them. These appear just below the name when received. It is also displayed on the player card. When starting the game, it is located below the player’s name during the intro.

Initially, new Overwatch 2 players may wonder how to activate them. There are basically two methods for this. You can start using player title by choosing any of them.

How To Get Player Titles İn Overwatch 2

For Overwatch 2, it is necessary to use the Battle Pass or complete the Player Title challenges. Any of them can be used as we mentioned.

How To Get Player Titles İn Overwatch 2 – However, there is also a difference. Prestige Tiers in Bttle Pass are exclusive to player tile rewards only. These are available after Tier 80. For this reason, it is imperative that each of them be opened. Thus, 8 Player titles from Tier 85 to Tier 200 can be obtained up to Battle Pass Season rewards.

However, some challenges also give them as a reward. Thus, it is allowed to be opened and used privately. Typically performed when certain Overwatch 2 milestones are reached. For example, it is possible to get it after winning a certain number of games. All challenges can be viewed on the left side of the main screen.

How to Wear Overwatch 2 Player Title

So for those who don’t know, how to use the Overwatch 2 player title? For this, firstly, the Career Profile screen is reached. Then click on the Customization screen from the top left section.

After that, click on the player titles screen on the left. You just need to find all open ones and click on them.

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How To Get Player Titles İn Overwatch 2
How To Get Player Titles İn Overwatch 2

What Are Overwatch 2 Player Titles?

How To Get Player Titles İn Overwatch 2 – There are many player titles in Overwatch 2. Some of them are as follows;

  1. Top 500 Challengers
  2. Grandmaster Challenger
  3. Master Challenger
  4. Diamond Challenger
  5. Stalwart Heroes
  6. Tenacious Heroes
  7. Unrelenting Hero
  8. Vanguard
  9. Assassin
  10. Medic

Apart from that, there are also differences. Requirements vary in each. If you want to know, some of them are;

  1. Win 250 games in any mode.
  2. Win 250 games as any Tank hero in Quick Play or Competitive Play.
  3. Win 1750 games in any mode.
  4. Win 250 games as any Damage hero in Quick Play or Competitive Play.
  5. Win 750 games in any mode.

Apart from these, you can also examine the titles and see them with their details.

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