Multiversus Patch Notes

Multiversus Patch Notes – Developed by Player First Games and developed by Warner Bros. Multiversus, a free-to-play Crossover fighting video game published by Interactive, is very popular with gamers. Although it was released on July 19, 2022, not too far away, its audience is quite dense.

Multiversus Patch Notes

Multiversus Patch Notes

The game has been releasing many updates since its first release. Thus, both new features are introduced and some changes are made in existing ones. In this context, the latest 2.2. has been introduced. Multiversus patch notes may be wondered by those who want to see the changes in full.

Developer Notes: Whiff Recovery

Multiversus Patch Notes – In Multiversus, it is sometimes attacked, but can be missed. In this case, the window will now be wider so that the opponent can punish. This means you have to play more carefully. All strategies in the game should be set up accordingly.

Among the developer notes, it is stated that they want the high cost of using movements with great power as the driving force behind this. It has also been mentioned that if an attack is made, the game should not be played differently

 It has also been said that Whiff Recovery will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. For this reason, further studies can be considered in future patches.

Multiversus Patch Notes: General

The move list text for Arya, Batman and Velma has been renewed in the new Multiversus patch. It is stated that he was selected from Special Matches at the end of The Court, participating in the 2v2, 1v1 and Sily Queque map rotations.

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Also, walls on the field will now break after a wall jumps. On the other hand, it will occur again after a short time. It will also push the players inward. In addition, there have been some changes in perks. Fixed an issue in Armor Crush that caused the attack to break armor if it didn’t reach the proper charge threshold.

Multiversus Patch Notes
Multiversus Patch Notes

Arya Character

Arya in Multiversus is one of the most loved characters. As part of the new patch, Whiff Recovery in ground attack has been increased by 5 frames. In the side attack from the ground, it is increased by 1 square in the 1st hit. In an airborne attack, this is 5 frames. It is seen in the same way in special from the air and from the ground.

Batman Character

Batman is another of the characters in Multiversus. Looking at the changes made here, it is now seen that the movement speed is 2250 instead of 2300. A second hit on a ground down attack now inflicts 1 set weakened debuff. Landside attack, second hit, now inflicts 1 set weakened debuff. Whiff recovery is increased by 2 frames in Jab 1.

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