Pikmin Bloom Halloween Tasks List

What’s in the Pikmin Bloom halloween tasks list? Shares about this have been made on his own site. As the name of the event suggests, it was held when Halloween arrived. The song of the second episode was October 31, at which time the daily limit was increased to 9.

Pikmin Bloom Halloween Tasks List

In this context, it was also stated that if the daily limit is not updated, the application should be restarted.

During the event, Jack O-Lantern was also seen for a limited time. It started on 14 October 2022 at 00:00 local time. The aim here was mainly flower planting. People have cleared existing tasks in their event lists, so they can earn gold seedlings by completing weekly tasks from October 17th. These were as follows;

  1. Purple Decor Pikmin
  2. White Decor Pikmin
  3. Rock Decor Pikmin
  4. Pikmin Bloom Halloween Tasks List
  5. Winged Decor Pikmin

In this part of the event, the missions were available from October 14 to October 31. Gathered Decor Pikmins worked in the second episode. Many players have made an effort to get them in Pikmin Bloom Halloween tasks list.

Special Halloween Postcards

All postcards obtained in Pikmin Bloom Halloween tasks list feature Halloween designs that come in three different types. In addition, at the beginning of the event, four sets of Halloween costumes were also released for Mşş. You can see them if you check the store. It is also recommended to dress appropriately for the situation.

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Pikmin Bloom Halloween Tasks List
Pikmin Bloom Halloween Tasks List

October 24 – October 31, 2022

At the Pikmin Bloom Halloween event, it is recommended to pay attention to the special mushrooms that appear after 00:00 local time after 24 October 2022. They only have large dimensions and look harder than normal. However, Decor Pikmin is quite powerful to destroy them. It was possible to form alliances with other players, and Dekor Pikmin was sent for help while fighting against a fungus.

In addition, the activity list continued to offer tasks in this part of the activity. For the tasks in the second part, golden seedlings with red, yellow and blue Decor Pikmin were obtained.

If there are tasks left over from the first part of the activity, it was also possible to participate in separate tasks for each part of the activity. There were also weekly challenges every week. These continued between 17 October and 6 November 2022. October 17-23 purple, white, rock and winged; There were red, blue, yellow, purple, white, rock and winged options between 24-30 October.

Between October 31 and November 6, there were red, blue, yellow, purple, white, rock and wings.

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